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Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday is one of my favourite days of the week. It's always been the end of the working week for me, it was smart casual day when I worked in an office, sometimes the day for morning tea shouts or after work drinks, plus of course the anticipation of the weekend.

Just lately, because I work my own hours from home, I've tried to still think of Friday as my special day. Sometimes I meet my husband for lunch or I plan a time out somewhere. Last week I documented Friday morning for a project I'll share sometime soon. I think I might make this a regular thing for the next little while.

Today I thought I'd record my Friday morning walk through my phone lens. It's the first Friday of winter. Everything is wet from weeks of rain off and on. The last leaves are clinging to the deciduous trees and lots of the leaves have stuck to the footpath or piled up. For me there's special beauty in this time of the year. Last year I completed this photo book of images I captured over winter. While I have no intention of repeating this, I do value capturing snapshots of time and so here's today - 5 June 2015 in my piece of the world... Auckland, New Zealand.
All photos taken with iPhone 5s

Do you like Fridays too?


  1. Yes I like Fridays - its the day I catchup with a friend at the dog park and all 4 dogs.


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