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Friday, June 12, 2015

I want to record parts of my Fridays over a period of time. Last week, in this post, I explained why Friday is like my special day.

Today I have a lot to get through and some of it's not that special - laundry, folding towels from the dryer. All those things I (and probably you too!) do on a daily basis including Friday. As well, I have office work to do this afternoon.

So, this morning my goal is to complete last week's pages for my project Life album and photograph them, light permitting. Unfortunately it's a very grey morning.

I've already edited photos, planned the layout and finished the journaling, but decided that I wanted to add some script over a photo. After searching through all my digital supplies yesterday, I concluded that I'll need to make something myself. I want the word June and for it to be bold.

That means I need to paint it myself and turn it into a digital brush before printing my photos. Hmmm, I don't always make things easy for myself, but I've never believed in taking the easy way. If I have a vision, I want to push myself to create it, if I can. It doesn't always work out, but the only way you improve your skills is to keep on practicing.

I don't want a wishy washy type of script that I might achieve using water colour, so I opt to try ink today, rather than black gouache.

Pages and pages of practice later, I decide to call it quits and just choose one. I could have painted all morning and still not quite ended up with what I wanted. I scan it and then make it into a digital brush in PSE. I set off to get my photos printed.

Later, I add it to my spread and was ready to photograph, before my morning disappeared.

I spend some time uploading and editing photos, while grabbing a nice hot drink.

Then I get a call from hubby asking if I wanted to meet him for lunch. Yes, today's turning out pretty good.

All photos taken with iPhone.

I feel a photo book coming on to record this series! Happy Friday to you.


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