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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Photo by Ali Edwards
Of course! This will be my third year of completing a detailed Week In The Life as run by Ali Edwards. It's running the week from 17th August.

In 2013 and 2014 I made photo books. This year I've decided to make a 6x8 album. I'm getting quite excited about having a hybrid project to work through and third year in, hopefully a lot wiser about getting the details recorded that I want recorded.

Believe me, the time flashes by during the day and some days I realise I forgot to photograph this and that. This year I'm going to compile a list for each day and set the timer on my phone so I get reminded to take photos. However, if I'm busy and miss a photo op, I intend to let it go and be happy with whatever works out.

I have the album. I have the page protectors. Next is the fun job collecting together cards and embellishments. It'll be a mix of digital and physical. If you register on Ali's site, you get a download of free digital stamps to use.

Can't wait to get started now!  So, are YOU in?


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