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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just lately I've been feeling like mixing up my memory keeping a bit. Not changing what I'm already doing with Project Life, but more like bringing in some other methods. Every now and then I feel the pull to do something different. To challenge myself creatively.

I sat down several times and brainstormed a list of what I love doing and the same things keep featuring. Photography. Words. Design.  It's that last one that has needed some refinement. From waaaay back in my school years, I remember that presentation of my work was always an important issue for me. In a very round about way it's lead me to where I am today. From interior design to memory keeping.

What has always intrigued me though is editorial and book design. I was having a conversation with my son last night and admitted that I buy books and magazines based on their design. For such a long time this is the area I've wanted to work towards. I have ideas... lots of ideas but not a full plan as yet.  I'm slowly working my way through Ali's TYPE class and decided to include some of my work into a book. I intend it to form organically, based on current thoughts, words, inspiration and to be a real mix of everything I love. I've made a start and oh so excited about this! I will blog about progress as I go along. It's obviously all digital but some of it will be digital images of hybrid pages. (And that card above has been made into a full sized page now and is my way of remembering that my husband is my greatest supporter and believer in me, even when I have no idea what the heck I'm doing!)

Also excited that I'm going to make an actual physical album for Week in the Life starting next week. I didn't buy one of the official kits. Our NZ dollar has taken a dive against the US dollar making it pretty expensive considering I already have a spare 6x8 album and pages. I purchased a new set of digital stamps and otherwise I think I'll use what I already have or make my own... challenging myself creatively. Unlike others I haven't organised my album in any way, although I have gathered supplies and written a list of ideas in my journal. I intend to just start the week and see where it takes me. I know that no matter how much I pre-plan something like this, I ALWAYS change things as I'm working on it. Trying not to over-think! That's my plan anyway. Good luck with that Donna!

And is it weird that I'm already thinking about a word for next year? One has already surfaced and thrown itself at me. It's not one I really want as my One Little Word, so I think I'll just join it with this year's word. So, yes, still on the lookout for an inspiring, motivating word.

Isn't it interesting - the 3 projects on my mind all originate from one super inspiring woman! 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're all working on something that excites you? I'd love to hear about it.


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