Week in the Life | Day 1 Photo Process

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If I'm honest, I'll admit I was a little disappointed with some days of photos in my WITL last year. I felt it took me until nearly the weekend to get into gear.

One of the problems is that I felt it was a blah week for me overall. The other was teens who were busy with exams or study and very uninterested in having their photos taken.

This was probably the catalyst for me to start thinking up other creative ways to fill my pages, take better self photos and record them without photos.

After writing a class for BPC on Self-Portraits, I also resolved to take a better selection of photos this year. But planning and doing are two different things.

The other consideration is how I want to actually record WITL this year. I feel I've covered the mundane everyday details in other WITL and DITL and Project Life pages. When I read Ali's blog post about capturing the essence of each family member, this reinforced the direction I wanted to take. Of course, I also want to record everyday life, but I think having intentions up front helps to direct the photos to take and the stories to write. That was the plan anyway...

I remembered to capture the morning pre-sunrise when I got up. Stoked at that! Actually during my morning especially, I took quite a few photos that I'm happy with and  in the afternoon I managed to get a couple with my son! He hopped in the car and started telling me about his day, then seeing I had my phone out said :NO photos", but when I said I needed one for WITL he said "Okay"!! I'm going to write some thoughts about him in my journaling using these photos.

These are just a few of what I took in the morning. (a mix of iPhone and DSLR). Some not perfectly composed or in focus but this is a week for reality photos and a bit of cropping will fix some of that.
I'll be back with some thoughts on my design process next and how I'll pull my first pages together quickly but with the end in mind.

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  1. I managed to drop my camera! Fortunately it still works. I'm trying to work on some different angles but when you can't reach far it makes it a challenge!

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