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Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello! My intention is to post daily this week, so welcome to my first post which has been prepared during the days leading up to the start of the Week in the Life project 2015. This will be my 3rd year completing WITL, but my first in a physical album. The last two years I've made photo books which you can see here and here. Why not the same this year? I just had a strong urge to make an album. I decided this a bit late and also because our NZ dollar has dropped against the US dollar, I made a decision to use my own products on hand rather than purchase the official kit.

I had a spare black 6x8 album as well as a selection of Becky Higgins Project Life pages. I certainly have a huge selection of digital project life cards and stamps to use. The biggest problem was to narrow down a selection to use... and make my own kit, so I made a moodboard of sorts.

Once I'd made this I could set up my album. I made a selection of different page protectors for each day, but am prepared to change these out for others if the photos or journaling require this on any day.

If you've seen my Project Life pages, you may have concluded that I have a thing for different sized pages! I found some Project Life Design I in my stash and realised they could be trimmed down to 4x8 by removing the top pocket. I didn't have enough for one each day, so ordered some more from Crafthouse. They arrived on my doorstep before 8am the following morning! I call that excellent service. At this stage I think that some days my journaling may end up in those pockets and other days, photos.

Next preparation was to make some day of the week tabs. You can see how I make tabs here. These have been attached to the 4x8 inserts just as an added little detail. I used a digital card from Project Life x Stampin Up Moments Like These with digital stamps from Love Day Seed

My last preparation has been to print some filler cards I may use, just as a time saving device. I've traditionally printed these on cardstock on my printer but the dark cards don't print so well, so I've had these printed on photo paper professionally. I love the depth of colour and gloss finish:)

So, that's it until I start my day and remember to take photos as I go. Over the rest of this week, I hope to blog a selection of photos, along with my process for taking those and why, as well as my design process and eventually (hopefully) next week, the finished album. I hope you come back to check it out and I'll certainly be excited to check out other projects online.

Products used:
Becky Higgins Project Life 6x8 album, Page Protectors and cards
Digital Stamps from Ali Edwards, Love Day Seed

Thanks for stopping by, Donna xx

Edited: As I hit publish, my Monday has started here in NZ and the camera and phone have both seen some action already!

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  1. A mood board... perhaps I'll give that a try next time, thanks for the idea. At the moment I'm matching colours to the photos, which seems to work.


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