Week in the Life | Process 2

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I feel so excited by this project. Excited to get up and take photos each day. Excited to think about how to record my stories. Excited about the design process. Not so excited about other work that I have to do that's stopping me spending all my time on this... And excited to be sharing here each day. It's keeping me on some sort of track. I'm not sure if I'm inspiring or helping any of you? I'd love to know if you have any questions. Recording things on my blog is a great way for me to keep a record of my process and somewhere to place my thoughts.

Well, today's plan is to show you the design of some pages for my album. People have asked me about my process. Do you really want to know what goes on inside my head? There's a lot of noise in there at times! I plan by thinking first. Sometimes too much thinking but that's me.

I upload all my photos from my DSLR and phone to our main computer at least once a day during WITL and I've saved them in a special folder for now so I don't have to wade through other August photos. My album is in some sort of order so I have a rough idea how many photos I want to use and I single out the good ones.

Next consideration is - what stories do I want to tell? What was worthy of recording on the day? For Monday, I want to talk briefly about the project and cover a little about our day. Kids at school, my routine, and because it turned out to be not such a regular day for my husband, to include why. We also had a specialist appointment in the evening for my son and I want to reserve space to get down my thoughts about that right now.

I realised that some of the journaling was going to need to be written on photos and that I needed to bring in 1 extra page to fit things in. I usually sketch out roughly where I'll place things.

Next step is to edit the photos.  I tweak lighting a bit in PSE and size the photos. Next is where I decide about adding digital elements. This can all take some time as I add and subtract until I feel it will be visually clean and balanced. Then it's off to get my photos printed. I don't print photos at home.

At the start of this project I was going to add some other embellishments and elements. As I've worked away at Mon and Tue photos, I'm not 100% sure but will probably add some little elements and some of my own handwriting.
Here's the first few pages. I haven't completed my journaling yet and still trying to get the first 2 days right, but I feel I have made progress.

Products used:
Becky Higgins Project Life 6x8 album, Page Protectors and cards
Digital Stamps from Ali EdwardsLove Day Seed

Thanks for stopping by, Donna xx


  1. Oh dear, I've just plonked mine into the spaces and typed all over them! I think I might have gone overboard with the photos, but this is my very first WITL. I'm thinking if I like my pages enough they're going off to be printed in a little 7 x 5 photo book.

    PS I've been reading for a while, and do follow you in Instagram too, but I don't comment there. I like it but can't use it myself as I don't handle a camera phone - in fact I only got one late last year when my husband gave me his old phone!

  2. Hi Jane. Thanks for your comments. I'm sure whatever you've done will be a valuable record of this week. I'm still learning so much about WITL my 3rd year.


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