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Monday, August 24, 2015

Well, that was a crazy long title for this post! For me it's Monday and my WITL is over. I spent quite a bit of yesterday relaxing and thinking over how to work this from here. It wouldn't be me if I wasn't re-thinking my original plan. (insert the rolling eyes emoji). I think I did say, I've learned to go into something like WITL with intentions and a bit of a plan, but enough flexibility to change things if I want.

Yesterday my daughter said "Mum, can you not do this project next year, because we just want to live our lives without a camera in our faces!". I was so disappointed hearing this from her, of all people. The one who should 'get it', I mean, she's doing her own Project Life album. But after a while I kind of understand where she's coming from. I've said before, living with teens means there's 4 adults doing our own thing in this house. I'm usually very considerate of when I take photos of them and what I share, but for WITL, my aim was to capture the everyday and the essence of 'us'. This, in my opinion, means candid, impromptu photos. I didn't capture everything I wanted, but I'm very happy with what I have. Super happy!

As the week went by, I took more and more photos and thought of many more things to write. I'm now at the place where I'm just not sure the 6x8 album is how I want to do this.

And so, as I carry on with other work and projects the next few days, I'm going to think things over and I'm already pretty sure I'm going down the photo/story book path.

And also, I didn't answer my daughter. I know I will definitely be back to capture a week in our lives next year! There were far too many precious memories recorded. I'm pretty sure she'll thank me for it one day. And just quietly, I bet she'll do this project herself in years to come...

Here's a bit of my Sunday. It was a gorgeous end of winter day and we spent lots of it outside. These are the self-portraits I took to capture myself on this day. A bit of an odd mix on their own but as part of the whole day and among other photos, I'm so pleased I've accepted and learned to include more of myself.
I was up at 6.45am (!) to drop my daughter off at a fundraising venture. Anna and I tend to leave our shoes on the stairs to the garage.
Relaxing after my walk and taking lots of beach photos of hubby and the 4 legged child. Reading my new H&G magazine. On the plate is my new fav snack made from cashews, dates and cacao...so yum.
Not quite brave enough for a shower selfie...
The photo at the top of the post was at the garden section of the DIY store Anna was working at. Scheming up spring garden ideas. Then came having a red wine and cheese and crackers out in the sun, followed by hubby cooking us a roast lamb dinner while I caught up on the ironing... Anna's uniform and his work shirts mostly. Not a fav chore but I'm happy to do that in lieu of cooking dinner! I watched Masterchef NZ after dinner. I love that show, not because I love cooking but because I love people with a passion stepping out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams:)

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Thanks for stopping by. Donna xx


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