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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Inspired by Ali Edwards, I've recorded Saturday's story so far in photos and "I want to remember".
I want to remember the kindness of this guy who makes me breakfast if I'm sidetracked on something else:) Also I want to remember that our kitchen/dining area is the hub of the house and unfortunately the island bench is the dumping ground for all sundry items, which really annoys me.
 I want to remember that although we live in a suburb of NZ's largest city, there are so many pockets of bush and trees around. Love it here.
 I want to remember that I'm thankful to live by a beautiful beach, even when it's spitting with rain like it was this morning.

 I want to remember that Shelby has her own set of medical issues and I'm thankful she's still with us. Here she is having her medication.
I want to remember my routine of the main grocery shopping on Saturday mornings.
 I want to remember how hard he works for us. He has a big dream.
 I want to remember how I've been trying to amend our eating to 'real' food. We're probably about 80/20.
 I want to remember how much I love looking for shadow and reflection photo ops!
 I want to remember the love we all have for Shelby and when he's feeling ill like he was today (horrible head cold), he spends more time with her:)
 I also want to remember how both of my kids like to wear PJ pants at home...

I want to remember her beautiful hair and the care she takes of it. It's pretty much a mission to even brush it all.

 And of course the love she has for Shelby too. Here it's goodbye as she goes off to a babysitting job.
And lastly, I want to remember our date night. We went to see The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I really enjoyed the movie and an evening out.

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Thanks for stopping by. Donna xx


  1. This is so lovely, Donna. Was so nice to see a bit more of your life, along with such beautiful words.


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