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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

While working on my Week in the Life album, one thing that I set out to do intentionally was to endeavour to capture the essence of each of us - the way I see each of us. When I started to think about photos I've been taking otherwise, I know that I'm guilty of taking photos I think look lovely sometimes and I miss the ones that are more meaningful. Maybe because they don't always look so good, or I'm just not intentionally looking for them. It got me thinking about how I capture my everyday.
As we moved from winter to spring in NZ, we've had rain and lots of it. I must say that if I didn't have a dog who follows me around with that pleading look in the mornings, it would be easy to just waive my walk and get on with my day inside. Because of her, I opt sometimes to put on a rain jacket and go. The other day I also took my new umbrella. When I got to the bridge over the stream, I remembered taking an umbrella self-portrait a few months ago during Day in the Life, so I decided - new umbrella - new photo op!

I also thought, it's raining. This is real life. How do I capture this for the album? I don't particularly like rain, but I have to confess I'm fascinated with taking photos after the rain. That's where the real magic lies. So now with more intention, I took a few more photos, which for me, really capture the essence of a rainy day walk and these will be used in my Project Life spread. Because real life around here includes rain... and lots of it! And I have to admit, it's actually fun taking photos on a rainy day. You just have to be a bit more careful with the equipment or wait for it to ease off a bit, as it was this day.

Here's how I'm using the umbrella photo. I decided to crop and make it 9x12 and chose an appropriate quote I love to add. If I'm using pockets, I always drag my 9x12 onto 6x4 templates and have printed out at that size to reduce costs.

I will share the finished pages soon.

All photos taken with the camera I had on hand... my iPhone 5s.


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