Right Now I'm...

Monday, September 28, 2015

FEELING all the mum feelings after seeing my daughter off on a big adventure. There's a mix of excitement, anxiousness, admiration, curiousness, worry, anticipation and all the rest. It was a 10 hour flight to their first stopover in Singapore and while I lay in bed trying to sleep, I suddenly realised she'd probably forgotten to take her travel sickness meds, so that caused more bad thoughts and broken sleep! Thank goodness for technology and messaging from Singapore and when they finally arrived in Cambodia. She's in 33 degrees of humidity after leaving New Zealand in what has been a chilly start to spring, but about to have some adventures and experiences I'm sure she'll remember for her life and about to make life better for some people there.

WATCHING a bit of the World Cup Rugby - well, I should say watching some of the replays as the games are on during the middle of the night for us. Go All Blacks!

TRYING to get my mind on to finishing my Week in the Life project. I've worked on it in patches but it's hard to get on a roll without allowing a huge chuck of time in one go. Maybe next weekend? Now that the endless list and packing for daughter's trip are done with...

THINKING ahead to 2016 already and excited for a fresh new year and a new start. It's sad that I get to this stage in the year and I'm wishing it done so I can start afresh! Of course I should just get on with new plans right now and I will be, but I think I might take a photography course which starts it's first semester in February. Exciting plans ahead.

EXCITED that  I've already found my One Little Word for next year!

EXPECTING to be inspired by my son who finds all sorts of cool things for me on You Tube and elsewhere. It's school holidays, so I'm expecting to hear "mum, I have something to show you..."

STARTING a new project which is really part of my big dream. I will share more one day but right now, I'm just in the planning stages.

Wishing you all a happy and productive week, wherever you are in the world! What are you excited about?


  1. I feel your pain.. it's hard to let them go! A friendly hug (from the other side of the world) to you. Btw, I'm excited about your new project :)


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