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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In my last WITL post, I talked about having thoughts from changing my album to a printed photo book. After mulling this over, yes,  I have changed formats.

First reason, I listened to my heart. Second was that I will eventually have a lineup of photo books on my shelf of specific themes; Week in the Life being one of them.

I made 6x8 books for WITL 2014 and for my December Daily 2014 (which I realised I've never shared here in finished format and I will do soon). For those I used Artifact Uprising and although our NZ$ rate is ghastly against the US$ at the moment and postage is expensive too, I still feel the investment in the same format and quality will pay off. Making an album probably costs around the same in the end.

After a very busy week I only got to play around with my first pages in the weekend and have been trying to find the formula to get my book made quickly but to make it interesting and feel like I've made an effort on it at the end. So far I've made pages from scratch, that is, without using templates. I just got started that way and really just mixing it up as I go.

So above is my cover and this is an introduction page.
And here are some of my Monday pages. I took less photos some days and Monday was one of them.
I may yet add some journaling to this page.
I may yet add the day to the journaling somewhere. I'll decide when I have the other days done.

There are a couple of other pages to follow here which have some quite private journaling.Once I had most of Monday set up, it was quite easy to start putting the other days together.

Here's a look at another page for another day. Of course there's a lot of pages in between!

Products used:
Ali Edwards digital stamps
Love Day Seed digital stamps (Days of week)
Paper from Becky Higgins Project Life Everyday Kit
Plus my own script

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  1. Best WITL cover page/introduction EVER! The whole works is fabulous, Donna!


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