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Thursday, October 29, 2015

I've been around on this planet long enough to know that the journey must be savoured because sometimes we get to the destination and realise it's not the euphoric ending we envisaged.

What I mean by that is if we allow ourselves to think about an end goal too much, we may shortcut our way to the end, or not enjoy the whole process (both the good and bad, the easy bits and hard bits). If we do this, we're in danger of feeling flat, possibly even let down by what we thought was going to be a cool outcome. It's like cheating on yourself and being the loser.

Nothing has backed up my feelings and got me so fired up as reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm in the final chapter and not wanting this book to end. I feel as if Elizabeth is talking to me, or that I'm having a conversation (or counselling session with her!). Added to that, she could equally be talking to my son... and if you've read this book, you may feel this connection too.

Reading this book has helped me get to grips with a few issues I've been having - the obvious creative problems regarding fear and courage. Reading this book has also allowed me the opportunity of talking to my son about his learning process and possible future. He is choosing his path for the future and it probably won't be a very easy one. But then again, who wants easy? And what path doesn't have difficult bits anyway? So very proud of him for what makes him, him.

So, as the year closes in on us, I spent a little time reflecting on the year for me to date. It's, at times, seemed hard, one foot in front of the other stuff. But so much has happened that I pinch myself about! The opportunity to be part of Becky Higgins Creative Team 2015 still blows my mind (and the call is out now for the 2016 team. Here are the details. I encourage you to go for it!).

I was also given the opportunity to write 2 classes for Big Picture Classes! I am writing a post about one of them - SELF-PORTRAITS, so check back here soon and I'll have some tips for getting you in your Christmas albums.

Meanwhile, if you've read Big Magic, you'll understand what I mean when I say an idea entered me. It was some time ago and I feel extremely lucky that it's stayed with me while I've been thinking it through. Now that I have read this book, I know I just need to get on with allowing this idea to manifest itself completely, work my a*se off and set it out into the universe!


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