A December Daily Self-Portrait Project

Monday, November 16, 2015

For a while I was sure I wasn't going to participate fully In Ali Edward's December Daily this year because last year I made a pretty comprehensive photo book. I don't want to find myself repeating the same things each year. For me Christmas has changed a little as my children have entered their late teens. I'll still add our family December stories to my Project Life album.

So for a while I decided that would be it... and then I started craving another project to plan out. Not that I don't already have enough underway! And don't ask me if I've finished Week in the Life yet! I gave a little thought to what I've worked on this year, and of course my Self-Portrait class for Big Picture classes came to mind. In that class I wrote that last Christmas Day I was only in one photo (and that was one I took on the timer). I was also only in a few the whole of December. The whole reason behind my class is to show you that it's not hard to make a habit of taking photos of yourself - beyond the handheld selfie so you have yourself in your own story.

I've set myself a challenge to take a photo each day in December until the 25th. Well, at least to choose one self-portrait from each day. I think I'll make a simple journal or album using these, with maybe some brief journaling of my thoughts each day. Not entirely sure yet how it will come together but I know that first I want to experiment with different photo techniques, locations, processing, etc. I want to get out of my normal thought pattern and push myself-ie!

If I enjoy the process, I might just carry this on as a 52 week project for 2016.

I'll share some of my tips and techniques here, but if you want to learn more and maybe get a head start, check out my class at Big Picture classes, where hopefully you'll get some inspiration. And feel free to join in with this project. I'll be posting here some days, but more often on Instagram. I'll use #DecSelfPortraits to keep them together.

The great thing is, December Daily can be whatever you want it to be. Whatever you do will be precious.


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