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Sunday, November 22, 2015

I'm so glad I had a moment when I decided on a whim to pursue a little December project - my own type of December Daily in the form of a self-portrait mini book. Pleased because as soon as I made that decision, I realised that these types of projects just don't come together without any fore-thought or planning. Pleased because I have a couple of weeks to get ready. I started by reading over my own Self-Portrait class lessons at Big Picture Classes. Yes, it's always good to read and refresh.

There are 2 aspects to it: the actual photos and the making of a mini book/album.

My intention is to use one (maybe more some days) photo and add journaling in the form of thoughts about the day.

What's so hard about that, you may ask? Well, without an overall plan, what sort of photos do I want to have?  I set up a Pinterest board and added photos of people which inspired me and which I thought I might just be able to use as a cue for my self-portraits. I'm aware that 9 times out of 10, I'll probably take photos without referring to this, BUT it's there if I feel uninspired and subconsciously, these images are already embedded in my memory, so hopefully a little bit of their magic may transpire in my work. If nothing else, they give me something to strive for.

To stay on top of this project, I also want to keep it simple and clean. I thought about using an album but then, inspired by Liz at Paislee Press, I decided to make my own covers from chipboard and will keep it together with rings. It's 6x8 - a size I love. I'll have the photos printed matte rather than the usual gloss I favour because I feel it will stand the handling better. I'll stick photos/cardstock back to back using tape or photo glue... probably a combo.

Yesterday, my 16 year old daughter, who has the best Christmas spirit, talked me into putting up the Christmas tree, at least a week earlier than usual. After all her studying and exams, it's the least I could do to make her happy! It was a good opportunity to practice self-portraits using both my iPhone and DSLR. I'm so pleased I had time to experiment. Getting settings and focus correct was a mission, especially as we were wedged in a corner and I had to sit the camera on the mantle piece. It was a grey day and the light was fading. There were plenty of misses, but some keepers. At the end of the day, if I only salvage one really good shot from each session, I'm happy. At first I wasn't thrilled with any of them. They are okay. But on reflection, I took my own advice, and looked a bit harder at the 'imperfect' and actually my fave of just me, is one where I'm out of focus slightly. I know just how I'm going to use that one.
And a comparison.
iPhone so lighting was easy.
SLR. Slightly dark but I can adjust in PSE. I do like the lighting on our faces though.
Practice, practice, practice.

Thanks for stopping by, Donna xx


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