Dec Self-Portrait Project | Week 1 progress

Friday, December 11, 2015

Because I relaxed the rules (I'd set myself) and decided that I'd use any self-portraits taken from near the end of November, and not worry about which day they were taken, it made some pre-planning of this project possible and I was able to get a few days ahead of myself on the photo side. Win, because as soon as Dec 1 came around it seemed the world sped up!

My whole intention is to make this quick and simple... aka as do-able by the end of December! Once December is over, I'm ready for my summer holidays, which will have my mind on the next project as well as a new year of Project Life.

For each day of December, I'm adding in a few personal thoughts, or will use something digital to accompany each photo.

Here's progress so far.

I'll be back mid next week with a link for tips on taking more creative self-portraits as well as some more page progress. Thanks for stopping by:)

6x8 Chipboard for covers covered in Kraft paper
White cardstock for journaling
Vellum for printed digitals
Digital products from Paislee Press
Digital Calendar (freebie) from Azzari Jarrett


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