Looking forward to One Little Word 2016

Friday, December 18, 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, I realise I've been looking forwards, more than backwards and that's a great sign for me. I don't wish to have my life speed by, but I also don't want to be always looking behind, wondering if I should have done this or that better. Maybe that's why I'm hopeless on 'catching up' with things like Project Life and other memory keeping. I always try to stay current, even if that means dropping weekly layouts in favour of documenting monthly only (which has happened the last 2 years).

Around September, as I was working on One Little Word, a new word popped up and sparked my interest. After some investigation, and finding some relevant quotes and other research, I knew it was THE ONE. It would be my 2016 word. I've had plenty of time to get comfortable with it and it fits so well with my direction for 2016.

When I told my daughter I got the strangest look. Maybe you won't 'get it' either, and that's okay. I like unusual words which push and challenge me. In the last 3 years, my chosen words have hardly been used by others either, but for me they were always perfect. They were simplicity, moment and perspective.

Next year I've chosen VOICE. And no, I don't mean the sound of my own voice. I'm interested in exploring my visual voice, particularly with photography. This year, my passion for photography has developed deeper and the more I learn, the more I realise I have to learn and that it'll be a life long journey. If I can narrow down my style, I'll feel I'm heading in the right direction. I'll also explore my written voice and I realise that my inner voice has a part to play as well. So ready for another exciting year.

I'm immensely grateful for the opportunities I had this year. Being part of the Becky Higgins Creative Team and writing a couple of classes for Big Picture Classes were not what I had in mind as December rolled around last year, It's funny how life takes you on little unexpected journeys. Those journeys are sometimes the things that move and shake you, and give you the courage to do other things. I have a big idea (if you've read Big Magic, you will know what I'm on about) and I'm going to need courage in bucket loads to do this but it's something I've had wrestling with my mind for a couple of years now. I couldn't quite get the idea sorted out but after reading the above mentioned book, I realise it's my calling and up to me to act on, or the idea may just leave me and find someone else! More on that down the track though.

Are you doing OLW next year? What's your word?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by:)


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