Some thoughts on changing my Project Life style

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello! I haven't been here to share anything for a while. We had a fantastic week's summer holiday at the beach and I've been trying to preserve the relaxed feeling since we returned home.

I haven't shared any Project Life pages for a while. I'm still tidying up the last of 2015 and I made a start on this year's pages with the intention of simplifying everything even more. Something has been niggling away at me again... as it has done before, so I've stalled on progress while I figure out what I want to do.

Then I saw Becky Higgins posts on Instagram yesterday. If you've been following her you'll know she's working through how she wants to memory keep from here on, as she has amassed ...138, yes, 138 albums already! I have absolutely nowhere near that amount and I'm already concerned about storage and more importantly, what I leave behind for my children. Yes, history is important, but as they are in their teens, I've observed that they want to downsize their belongings.

With house prices and rents so high where we live, space is probably going to be a premium when they move out of home and they won't want to be storing multiple albums. My daughter has been working on some of her own memory keeping and I've even noticed some changes in that over the year. Less is more.

As I sat here yesterday, it dawned on me that I need to seriously look at a more intentional way of recording our lives. Some things and little moments will always be important to me but endless repeat photos and just making pretty pages for the sake of making something seems meaningless to me too.

I probably sound like a worn out record on this. I had these same internal struggles and gave up traditional scrapbooking years ago because it was just creating too much stuff. I know not everyone will agree with me and of course, memory keeping is very personal and each to their own. I do respect this.

So yesterday, I thought, why haven't I swapped to photo books as I've talked about in the past? I've always liked to look at the finished physical pages as I go, but I think I'm ready to make the change now. Slim books printed at the end of the year and which will sit side by side on a shelf. It just seems so obvious now.

And then there's the how. Which size? Which company?  Use the Project Life App? Or mix it up?

So many choices but it's all exciting to me. And there's my answer in the word exciting. I need to be excited about any project to keep invested in it.

I do know this. From here, I'm focused on photography and memories. I think I have my plan sorted. Stay tuned for more news! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this too.


  1. Hi Donna
    I totally agree with you. I only use project life to document the lives of my children...they've both got their baby albums and i'm doing their next albums to cover ages 1-4 but now my eldest is off to kindergarten, (pre school), next week and i'm wondering how and what i should be recording for him. I love the sound of photo books because they take up way less room but the problem is who to choose because they are a huge investment in time and money and how to do you store any memorabilia? Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you choose to do.

  2. Thanks Elise. I'm making progress on this and planning to post soon.

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