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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 has arrived and I'll be honest, it didn't start on the happy, positive note I'd imagined. While we were out having dinner on New Year's Eve, after seeing the film Joy (which by the way was great), we got a message from home advising the downstairs loo was blocked. Argh... not good news at any time but especially not late on NY Eve! On arriving home, we realised it was a major and not an easy fix. The mood completely changed. Meanwhile the weather had packed in. We woke to rain and wind on New Year's Day. It's summer here folks. We love spending our blue sky, sunny New Year's Days outside.

I sat there and wondered how I could turn my negative start into a positive. It all starts with a shift in attitude. Finding the magic in my everyday. Super-hubby fixed the blocked toilet and I knew that eventually the weather would clear. My garden would be well watered AND there would be an opportunity to satisfy my obsession for photographing the magic after the rain, the results are these photos. Meanwhile, it was an opportunity to work on my intentions for 2016.

I read this post and some of it resonated with me immediately. I sat down and mapped out a clearer direction. I've been working hard on myself and my direction over the last couple of years. Last year I feel I neglected my blog somewhat. As part of my fresh start and more focused direction, I intend to share my journey more here this year. By nature, I tend to keep a lot to myself, but part of my OLW work with my word voice means this is the perfect place to keep my thoughts, inspiration and progress, and I might just inspire some of you out there too. That would be cool.

There are some quite simple steps I took to clarifying my direction. If you're struggling to find what it is you want to be doing, you're not alone.

I've always loved this quote:
"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it". Julia Child

What is it you really love and want to do? What excites you and makes your heart race thinking about it? What are you happy to work on regardless of the day? What will bring joy to your life?

For me this means photography and finding my style and direction within that. Part of that means pursuing finding the magic in my everyday. I have lots of exciting ideas to share in time. Of course, I'm still going to be creating projects from those photos to share as well.

Narrow down what it is you need to do. Consider what, why and how. What's essential to carry on with your vision.

For me this meant working through many brainstorming sessions to work out the why and the how. I needed to narrow a few things down and put in a simple format for clarity of my mind. It helped, it really did.

3. BE OPEN learning, to experimenting, to exploring ideas, to accepting new ideas, to realising it's not all going to be a piece of cake. To accepting that nothing beats darn hard work and commitment.

There's no time like today. Go on, you can do it!

or you might identify more with the short version I wrote in my journal...


What's your focus for 2016?

Thanks for stopping by. Donna xx


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