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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

If you're participating in the One Little Word workshop, you'll know what the February prompt is all about. I'm not going to explain it here, because that would be inappropriate, however I'm going to share what I've set for myself to do during Feb. It's all about practice. I've explained before that my word this year is voice and my reasons for choosing this.

I felt it would be a perfect opportunity to spend a month photographing using my DSLR camera.

In typical Donna fashion, I thought up too many complicated challenges for myself, then in a moment of clarity, I decided to keep it really simple.

Photograph and choose 1 photo per day which evokes an emotion.

Why? Because I want to focus on finding my visual voice, and in particular, my photography style. I'm obviously passionate about photographing "the everyday", because this captures our lives and who we are. But I have a much deeper connection to certain photos and a lot of those are really nothing to do with my everyday moments.

They are more about connecting with the magic in my everyday... things that spark emotion or joy. It may be something as simple as colour, lines in the shadows, the fluttering lacey leaves. Some days it may be the connection between my daughter and our dog or simply the way the light falls on the dogs ears.

From my enormous collection of inspirational words, today I chose this quote which will be my guide for the month:

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." RUMI

It's only Day 2 of this 29 day challenge. So far I've surprised myself with the 2 photos I've chosen. They are probably not the ones which tell the story best. Yesterday I kept 6 of the photos I took at the marina. I chose this one because I was captivated by the light sparkling on the sea.

Today I walked past this hibiscus again. I remember photographing this one day last year. I adore the colours within the flowers but also the contrast between the flowers and the blue sky.. I used my 50mm lens today and love this capture. It was a competition between this one and seagulls on the reef at the beach, so I'm surprised this one touched my heart more!

It'll be interesting for me to see if any pattern emerges during the month. I hope so because it's the direction I'm looking for.

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