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Friday, April 1, 2016

Despite some pre-planning for Ali Edward's Day in the Life, March 30 rolled around (the day I planned to do this, to coincide with the day the Northern Hemisphere were participating), and I didn't really feel in the mood. You know how it is... despite all the anticipation, often the event feels flat because you're just in the wrong mood, or not quite in the zone.

However, after a quick browse through Instagram I found lots of inspiration from the IG community already well into their days. I'm not a quitter so I decided to pick up my camera and make a start.

I'm a terrible over-thinker, so to be honest, I think I had visions of having oodles of time to set up and take great photos as if I was doing a photo shoot. As it turns out, of course I didn't have the luxury of that time and it is, after all, a project to capture a regular day in my life.

Through the day I didn't feel I took enough photos and I knew a couple I got were a bit dark and out of focus... hazards of early morning indoors light and fast moving targets! Fingers crossed that I could resurrect something usable.

When I had a little time yesterday to edit my selection and work on some grid pages for my photo book, I was pleasantly surprised to find I had more than enough photos and I love the out of focus shot of my daughter anyway. I also spent some time yesterday assembling my notes into typed journaling while it was fresh in my mind. I've used a time line style of journaling and so I didn't feel the need to put the time on the photos this time. Keeping it simple.

At the end of the day, I allowed 4 pages for this project for my 2016 Project Life photo book. It fits the criteria for my Project Life book this year and that is - simple layout with focus on the photos.
I'm into my third month of documenting via photo book and now that I feel comfortable with how it's going, I'll share some details on how I go about the process. Stay tuned.

Products used:
Ali Edwards 8.5x11 grid template
Love Day Seed digital stamp for Wednesday
Becky Higgins Project Life filler cards

I used a mix of Canon DSLR with 50mm lens and iPhone - whatever worked in the moment!

Thanks for stopping by, Donna xx


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